Offer of flats

Flat 609/11
109,7 m²
Flat 609/12
107,6 m²



In our projects, we place significant emphasis on the architectural impact of the interior, which is evident from our previous executions, available for reference here: previous projects . It is fundamental for us to maintain the original elements, such as the roof structure and other materials that form the core of the apartment, alongside new features like the exposed gable walls or chimneys and steel beams supporting the gallery. We strive to create spatial organization in line with the concept of Raumplan, initially used by Adolf Loos, for instance, in the Müller Villa. More details about its implementation in our project can be found here: [link to apartment layout]. Besides size gradation and material solutions, the equipment and standards used for functional elements within the apartment are an integral part of our work.

Flooring in areas with wet operations is crafted with calibrated Atlas Concorde DWELL Gray tiles sized 600×600 mm. In living spaces, wooden floors are chosen, with large-format pieces measuring 260 x 2200 mm, Clear oil, free of defects and knots, Select, and featuring a 4-sided bevel, enhancing the apartment’s comfort. This concept of larger dimensions is reflected in the exposed gable walls (the highest level reaching 3.7 meters), allowing for the placement of large-format artworks, spatial lighting utilization, or unusual planting dimensions.

Included in the apartment’s furnishings is a glass partition separating the gallery space of the studio from the lower level of the living room, framed with an anthracite profile, including doors leading to the studio. Similar doors are installed between the entrance hall and the living room, measuring 1300×2200 mm, sliding on an upper rail and framed with an anthracite strip. Additional sliding doors divide the tranquil part of the apartment with bedrooms (children’s rooms), measuring 1150×2200 mm.

The gallery houses a freestanding bathtub measuring 170×80 cm in white, complemented by a chrome stand-alone Grohe Essence faucet, standing out with technologies like GROHE SpeedClean and GROHE StarLight, which protect surfaces from damage and dirt deposition, ensuring easy maintenance. The bathtub can be positioned next to a window measuring 1.6×1.6 meters, equipped with a frosted film to enhance the relaxing bathing experience.

The apartment’s switches are of the ABB brand, Swing L model, in bright white or light gray, as are the sockets, ABB Swing L. The interior doors are block-mounted, Sapeli type, with an Elegant Comfort M10 leaf and Obtus frames in CPL gray, equipped with Sapeli Intro hardware, stainless steel.

The apartment will be connected to household utilities, including natural gas, drinking water, sewage, electricity, and internet from various providers. Additionally, it will be heated by a condensing boiler with a highly efficient heat exchanger, the Junkers Bosch Condens GC 2300iW 24P with a 25.0 kW output, including a TUV WST 120-5O tank (116 liters). The heating system will be distributed through heating elements, such as Korado Koraline LV 15/18-900 heating benches in black. System control will be facilitated by the JUNKERS Ekvitermní CW 100 regulation, providing maximum thermal comfort with minimal energy consumption and easily combinable with Junkers gas boilers and solar systems.

The apartment also includes a cellar located on the first floor of the building. Wiring for light fixtures will be installed with provisions for light sources.