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In our “About Us” chapter, we elaborate on our development projects, creating new living spaces since 2003 in properties across several cities and different types of buildings, from farmhouses and small-town homes to apartment buildings in central Prague. We present this chapter on our past projects because we believe that long-term references are the best assurance for current project clients. The quality of our work is measurable after two decades, far beyond commercial warranties, yet the properties are still being satisfactorily used. Thanks to established standards, such as using the KEIM facade system, ensuring high-quality, long-term behavior of individual system components and color stability, issues like fouling, molds, and similar problems have been eliminated, maintaining the properties in excellent condition for decades to come.

The attic conversion in Holešovice from 2003 and its neighboring property two years later introduced several residential units offering an alternative to standard production. Some less traditional elements include fully exposed roofs, including rafters, achieved through a special roof layering composition. The other projects similarly used proven construction compositions developed for attic conversions, enabling compliance with fire regulations while acknowledging the entire natural roof structure using oil-based finishes. Common areas were reconstructed with higher standards, featuring stone cladding, large-format cabinets, a mirror in the entrance foyer, and dried floral decorations. For the largest unit, a green roof (roof garden with small trees) was created over the entire courtyard tract with a bar and cinema in the middle. Currently, it is the largest new green roof in Prague over a historic apartment building. The apartments below experience lower thermal peaks, providing pleasant summer temperatures due to the continuous evaporation of water from the garden substrate, actively cooling the building’s envelope.

Summer use is enhanced by a shared garden with various functional elements, acknowledged with a second-place award in the competition for the best courtyard in Prague 7, even featured on Czech Television.

AMA invest, a member of the in.Spira Group, is responsible for the reconstruction and extension of the Na Hřebenkách residential building, situated on the southern slopes of the Strahov hills near Kinský Garden. The reconstruction of all units and the extension required not only technical solutions but also a sensitive preservation of historical elements. The combination of a modern entrance to the house and classical First Republic-era interiors ensured an authentic trace and attractiveness. The complex also includes a terraced garden with a larger water feature and an artificial waterfall, also rejuvenated. The garden underwent new planting and a new impetus for its active use.

From 2008 to 2014, numerous apartments were developed, mainly in Prague 7 and Prague 8. In most cases, these were refurbished apartments. We leveraged the potential of the historical character of these buildings, combining modern and classical elements to create pleasant spaces. We paid attention to every detail, from historic olive handles to restored stucco quality, terracotta floors, lighting fixtures, renovated staircases, and interior accessories in shared spaces, to harmoniously complete the apartment layouts, finding the greatest joy in our work within the entire scale – from historical brass handles to restored quality of stucco, terracotta floors, lighting fixtures, renovated staircases, and interior accessories in shared spaces.

The challenge was the historical property at Na Splavě 57, Česká Třebová, part of the heritage zone with its garden. The house was entirely reconstructed, resulting in five units, including an attic apartment. The facade of the house was meticulously restored according to heritage conservation plans, even in the interior. Three ground-floor units were complemented by French windows leading to private gardens, while the upper floor featured dormers and combined roof windows. The house’s garden offers both private and communal areas, including a gazebo by a newly constructed pond. Rainwater from the roofs is collected and used to replenish the decorative pond, a principle applied in other projects as well.

A subsequent project in 2020 expanded our portfolio to housing in a farmhouse, drawing on experiences from AMA invest s.r.o.’s project and realization practices. The first step was the closed area covering 1,160,000 m2 of a historic estate in Prague – Ďáblice. The estate comprises three buildings of a closed historic farmstead from the 18th century. In total, five units were designed. The project philosophy emphasizes living in historical spaces with modern interior elements, private front gardens, and a common green courtyard offering various activities. The area is enclosed, suitable for private use – for families with children, etc. Each apartment is designed as a loft with internal stairs and contact through large windows with an adjacent private garden. The estate, with its unique terrain configuration, spans the courtyard over two floors, and some original elements, such as an internal stone path or a functional well, provide the estate with a unique atmosphere. The house facade was designed for thorough restoration, including restored details. Chambers for each unit were installed on the ground floor of the “big house,” and a wine cellar is available as an additional bonus. The heating system is gas-based with condensing boilers. One completed house (one unit) was sold to the final owner, while the remaining two houses went to a single owner who adopted the concept and extended it with another unit.

The project of loft attic apartments in Čajkovského Street 1415/3, Prague 3 in 2021, involved not only attic conversions but also the complete reconstruction of an apartment building. This encompassed complete facades, the construction of a new barrier-free Schindler elevator, complete reconstruction of house interiors, including basements and assembly rooms, house infrastructure, such as gas distribution, electrical installations, sewer risers, low-voltage systems, and the garden. The goal was to remove technical elements from the house interior without using drywall coverings that conceal and significantly reduce space. We also focused on a sensitive reconstruction of historical details, for example, new paneling and the repair of brass elements. In collaboration with the K2N studio, we created a new space for leisure on the garden, including seating under a pergola, a swing, raised beds for herbs, and a pond. This is a new feature fed from an 8m3 underground retention tank, capturing rainwater, repeated in other projects.

Parallel to these projects were developments and renovations for third parties, amounting to several hundred projects over 20 years of operation. A selection of these can be viewed on the in.Spira Group website “here“. The common denominator in projects, whether our own or for third parties, is the theme of quality, which is fundamental to us. Credit goes to colleagues, current or former, whose efforts have facilitated the group’s growth. This is reflected in the reception of our work, including accolades such as the “Nomination for Building of the Year 2010” title for the Family House in Tuchoměřice by former colleague Ing. Böhm with architect Iva Veselá, AMA invest.