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The in.Spira Art brand, under which we have been developing these development projects since 2003, includes developed properties in several cities and in different types of buildings, from a farmhouse to a small town house in a small town to apartment buildings in the centre of Prague.

We are a team consisting of individuals from various professions who transform vacant and underutilized spaces into cozy and intriguing homes. Leading the group is Ing. arch. Karel Veselý, who employs a creative approach and experience to see potential where others perceive average traditional solutions.

The in.Spira Art brand, under which we’ve been developing these property projects since 2003, encompasses created properties in several cities and various types of buildings, ranging from a farmhouse, a small-townhouse in a small city, to apartment buildings in central Prague. It’s a story of not just building apartments but also façade renovations, communal hallway reconstruction, new elevators, garden restorations, and much more.

Often, after many decades or even centuries, it becomes the most significant transformation of a house since its construction. For instance, in the case of the farmhouse in Ďáblice, it has been 250 years, or in the case of the apartment building in Čajkovského, 85 years. While we appreciate the complementary expression of our work within this broader scale of entire blocks of houses and the neighborhood’s character, we also pay close attention to the smallest scale — the detail. It’s in the vision encompassing the entire scale — from historical doorknobs to restored stucco quality, terracotta floors, lighting fixtures, renovated staircases, and interior accessories of communal areas, to the harmonious completion of the roof landscape with dormers and terraces — that we find the greatest joy in our work. Usually, this subsequent joy is also shared by the users, whether newcomers or long-term residents. You can read more about our past projects here <link>.

Our in.Spira team comprises experts covering the entire domain, particularly in architecture, construction, law, and real estate activities. The projects involve permanent craftsmen within three construction companies who work together on each project with the necessary precision required for the type of construction activity — reconstruction. In previous projects, we combined innovative design elements with practical solutions, creating apartments that meet the needs of their residents while also offering surprising architectural solutions, such as using trapezoidal steel sheets as a modern ceiling combined with a classic wooden roof or glazed partitions connecting two levels of apartments.

Karel Veselý and Pavel Batěk (in the foreground), in.Spira Art

In addition to implementing specific designed ideas, we also listen to clients and collaborate with them to create spaces that express their individuality and lifestyle. This represents flexibility and the ability to adapt to various requirements and needs, ensuring that each result is unique and distinctive, as seen in the case of the apartment in Čajkovského street, where, as part of client finalization, the space was enhanced with concrete design panels to accommodate an industrial style, including sliding doors. Clients can thus become co-creators of new beginnings and stories through architecture and design.

Looking back into history, we see in.Spira Art in the project of the first attic conversion in Prague – Holešovice in 2003. At that time, it was not yet institutionalized. This came about four years later when the design company in.Spira Group s.r.o. was formed, which proposed not only attic conversions and extensions but also a range from urban planning to interiors and design. In 2020, its activities included 695 projects, including competition entries, with the most interesting ones listed in the “projects” section on the company’s website. The in.Spira Group, including in.Spira Art, subsequently expanded to include its own construction company, AMA invest, with a history dating back to 1995. Subsequent projects are always processed within the group, each with its own subjectivity.

Finally, we’d like to return to the topic of quality, which is fundamental to us. Thanks to colleagues, both current and former, the group continues to grow. This is achieved with an unwavering passion for developing quality standards. Reflecting this is the recognition of our work, including the award nomination for “Building of the Year 2010” for the Family House in Tuchoměřice by former colleague Ing. Böhm with architect Iva Veselá, AMA invest. Similarly, the family house in Motol by architect Karel Veselý and Ing. Mirek Jírová has received much publicity. The experiences gathered during these years have been further capitalized in new constructions, in handling more complex structural and building constructions, or in finishing works where detail plays a significant role.