Offer of flats

Flat 609/11
109,7 m²
Flat 609/12
107,6 m²



The apartment’s spatial arrangement follows the concept of Raumplan (literally “spatial plan”), originally used by Adolf Loos, for instance, in the Müller Villa. This concept considers the size and ceiling height of rooms based on their function and representative importance. Space is thoughtfully utilized, and rooms are hierarchized according to their function, significance, and interconnectedness. It creates a spatially dynamic arrangement, with different parts situated at varying levels or with differing ceiling heights, emphasizing a sense of space and emphasizing vertical connections.

Upon entering the shared staircase with the elevator, you access the entrance hall with a cloakroom. This entrance space leads to a hallway and the living room with a kitchen. This space represents the main open area, both internally and externally through the terrace, offering a view of Grébovka Park and the old Vršovice. Adjacent to the terrace is the first chamber designated for storing cleaning items, tools, or other necessities needed on the lower level. Additionally, the lower-level bathroom, equipped with a sink, shower (or bathtub), and toilet, is accessible from the hallway. On the opposite side of the apartment, in the quieter area, there are two rooms that can serve as bedrooms, children’s rooms, or a study. These rooms can also be merged into a larger single space.

The higher level is accessible via internal stairs, leading to the upper hallway. From there, you enter the studio/parental bedroom with a spatial bathtub. The hallway also provides access to a WC with a sink and a second chamber – a room designated for storage purposes for the needs of the upper level of the apartment. There’s potential to incorporate a wellness area (sauna) here.

This arrangement offers ample privacy and functional living spaces. Most daily activities would occur on the entry level towards the open space with a view of Grébovka Park and old Vršovice, while the opposite side of the apartment and the higher level would provide privacy and relaxation with the parental bedroom, children’s rooms, or workspaces.

Great emphasis is placed on the architectural impact of the interior, both in terms of size gradation (where the highest level reaches 3.7m – with a glass partition separating the upper studio from the living room) and in terms of design and material solutions. More details about the furnishings and concept are provided in the “apartment furnishings” chapter (link to furnishings.txt).

The apartment is new, preserving parts of the roof structure and brick walls. It’s equipped with air conditioning, and heating is provided by an efficient condensing boiler.

Floor plan of apartment 11

Floor plan of apartment 12